off to bandar ikan patin @ temerloh

i’ll be off again next week and this time it’ll be the patin area known as temerloh. need to make sure that i taste the infamous ikan patin masak tempoyak at temerloh. phewwwwww x dapat ku bayangkan betapa sedapnya ikan patin tersebut. hehehehee.

adoiiiiii tak tahan la tengok gambar2 daripada website ikan patin temerloh nih. just click at the pics to see the ikan patin temerloh website ya :)

ni kat bawah ni antara favourite tempat nak makan ikan patin masak tempoyak. ermmmmm yummylicious lar!

Gerai Pak Usop, Gerai MPT Lurah Semantan
Anjang JR, R&R Bukit Angin
Nan Planed, Taman Esplanade MPT
Restoran Selera Puncak, berhadapan Mini Stadium Temerloh
Borak-Borak Café, Hotel Seri Semantan
Hotel Seri Malaysia Temerloh
SZ Restoran, sebelah Stesen Minyak BHP Seberang Temerloh

eh btw i need accomodation over there. so my choices are rather limited to these 3 hotels/resort. i have stayed at green park hotel before and i am not that satisfied. anybody has stayed at the other 2 hotels/resorts? need your comments before i make my reservation lor :)

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